I love to draw small sketches, play video games, play with my younger siblings, hangout with friends, and do clubs!

COach Ashton


I believe these clubs are extremely important, not only to just relax, but to remember that we’re all in the same boat right now, and there’s still many fun things technology can bring us.

I'm always creating something, Whether it's drawing, painting, or writing, I'm always on the go with a new project. I love my crystals, tarot cards, hanging with friends, and being outside. Wherever I'm with animals and nature, I'm happy.

COach Brynn


For kids and teens, I believe that it's important to have a place where you can completely and unapologetically be yourself, and the JYC clubs are just that. Our clubs provide a safe space where you can express yourself and have fun, my favorite part about club is how much we make each other laugh and how we learn something new every time!

TikTok Coach Emily

I love photography, painting, hiking, crystal collecting, video games, camping, and travelling when it’s safe to do so!



Everyone needs a little extra connection right now, and these clubs provide a safe and open-minded space to enjoy yourself, and leave the club smiling. Our team loves it just as much as the kids do, and we’d love to welcome some more faces to any and each of our clubs.

In my free time I love to Highland dance and I’m currently working to my associate’s so I can teach dance! When I’m not studying for that I enjoy making all forms of art, listening to music, reading and playing D&D. 

COach Mikael


Getting to make YouTube videos not only allows people to be creative but it also pushes them outside their comfort zone. The clubs provide a place for kids to learn and explore YouTube in a safe environment. And no matter how much you know about YouTube there’s always something to learn or improve on. We’re able to meet kids where they are, and help them make the best videos they can!