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We appreciate your support!

The Jo(e) Youth Creative is in the process of becoming a non-profit organization. It's currently operated through funding from Jo(e) Social Media, grants, and private business donations. 

We are able to operate through:

  • Free space donated by Jo(e) Social Media

  • Income generated through Day Camps

  • Gamer Club equipment donated by Prime Boiler Services

  • A Canada Chambers Grant received in 2020 to purchase technology (lights, microphones, backdrops, an iPad) and support JYC coach wages

  • The Canada Summer Job Grant to support JYC coach wages

  • A volunteer Executive Director

  • Volunteer support from Jo(e) Social Media staff

Our Summer 2023 needs include:

  • donations to support JYC coach wages (we currently employ 3 local teens in a part time capacity

  • sponsorship for hoodies for the coaches

  • 1 to 2 Xbox controllers (controllers get broken!)

  • older devices that can be used for creating TikToks

  • tripods (these get broken, often!)

  • Old-school gaming systems

  • A PS4

  • Art Supplies

  • By buying are JYC merch!

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