Free Drop In Clubs for kids 6+

All clubs are drop-in, but it's waaaaay easier for us if you can let us know you're coming!

ONLINE Gamer Club 11+

Gamer club for older kids, held online

Sign up is required for this club. Kids will be added to the JYC Discord for access to the club. They'll need two devices to participate; one to attend the Google Meet and one to play on.

gamer 11.png

YouTube Club

Help Us Publish a YouTube Show!

Kids will work on everything from storyboarding to set design, lighting, filming and editing. Our goal is to publish a YouTube show on a regular basis!

YouTube Club .png


For kids experiencing bullying

Fridays 4 pm to 6 pm 

Drop-in, play video games, maybe paint a bit. Make a few TikToks, or just chill with our coaches. It's time to breathe out.


Gamer Club 6+

Gamer Club for younger kids

This club is almost ALWAYS Minecraft, but it's up to the kids what they play (age appropriately). Xbox and Wii are the systems of choice. Kids can bring their own devices if they want, and if they have an Xbox controller, it's recommended to bring their own.

Gamer 6plus.png

Pokemon Club

It's all the rage!

Bring your cards! Our coaches are as excited as you are to talk all things Pokemon, make some trades, and learn to play a little too!

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